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Yes, it is possible. However, if it costs nothing, the benefit cannot be denied. There would be no way for you to finish a new cradle if that was so. Further, the suspension should be set up wrong if the engine was 250 or the bigger ones.

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how much hp does a 2004 yz250 have?
what is the best year yz250?
what was the first year of aluminum frame yz250?
can you put a 250 motor on 125 frame?
what engine does a yz125 have?
what year yz125 is best?
how much hp does a yz250 have?
how many hp does a 2004 yz250f have?
how much hp does a 2005 yz250 have?
how much is a 2004 yz250 worth?
how reliable is a yz250?
when did the yz250 change?
how much is a 2005 yamaha yz250 worth?
when did yz250 get aluminum frame?
when did yamaha yz go to aluminum frame?

How Much Hp Does A 2004 Yz250 Have?
During the peak of the engine, 48 engines are generated. Power is 8 horsepower (36 kW). The current turbines run at 30,000 rpm and at 8,800 degrees. Five and a half foot six pound (27 pound) force (35 pound). 7,000 rpm with 9,000 rpm redline is the standard operating horsepower of this model, which reaches 5.7 Nm (5.7 NiM).

What Is The Best Year Yz250?
The Yamaha YZ250 is powered by the Japanese Suzuki engine. The only Japanese manufacturer of two-stroke motocross bikes still imports their bikes into the United States is Yamaha. This has happened the entire time, but 2005 and newer seem to be the best years.

What Was The First Year Of Aluminum Frame Yz250?
has the ability to be either brilliant or insane. This aluminum-framed, 5-gallon, 2005 Yamaha YZ250 could be their crowning achievement or their crowning folly. For millions of dollars, Yamaha put on development of the biggest two-stroke motocross bike in motocross history at the exact moment when demand for two-stroke bikes dropped so dramatically.

Can You Put A 250 Motor On 125 Frame?
It is mostly the same thing as CR250/125?s. A 500 can be put inside a 125 frame, the 250 can also be fitted at a local shop.

What Engine Does A Yz125 Have?




124 cc (7.6 cu in) reed valve two-stroke single


33.53 hp (25.00 kW)


5- or 6-speed sequential manual


Mono-shock, 13 inches travel

What Year Yz125 Is Best?
As a diehard two-stroke enthusiast, you should stay away from this site for now. No, it wasn?t going to be able to compete with the 2005 Yamaha YZ250F of American motocrossers by virtue of our affection for the 2005 YZ125 and our view that it was the best 125 two-stroke ever made at the time.

How Much Hp Does A Yz250 Have?



250cc single 2-stroke, liquid cooled, crankcase reed-valve


49 HP

Bore x Stroke

66.4mm ? 72.0mm

Compression Ratio


How Many Hp Does A 2004 Yz250F Have?
At 11,300 rpm, the Yamaha YZ250F produces approximately 36 horsepower, while an average of 46 HP is output by a YZ250 two-stroke. It generates 4 horsepower with an power output of 8500rpm.

How Much Hp Does A 2005 Yz250 Have?
Yes, since it responds and is versatile and wide. The engine runs at peak power at 46 mph at low 5700 rpm. The engine has a top speed of 30,200rpm. When the engine reaches 8600 rpm, you can expect 4 horsepower until 9,700 rpm and have not reached 30 HP to cause the ghost. ?He who makes up Breadth is the king.

How Much Is A 2004 Yz250 Worth?

*Private Price Guide

$2,650 ? $3,150

*Trade In Price Guide

$1,750 ? $2,100

*Price When New

Price Unavailable *

How Reliable Is A Yz250?
In terms of suspension, it is a bit stiff, but it can be fixed. There are plenty of compression and you can start the bike first or second, so it?s a reliable bike.

When Did The Yz250 Change?
Even though some styling changes were made for the YZ250 in 2015, their engines, frames, and the like still had some of the same characteristics as they did back then. With its flagship two-stroke engine to 2022, Yamaha has made many changes to the engine.

How Much Is A 2005 Yamaha Yz250 Worth?

Suggested List Price

Average Retail

Base Price



Options (Add)

Total Price



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When Did Yz250 Get Aluminum Frame?
As for the 2005 model year, a revised aluminum frame gave the YZ250 a weight reduction of around 212 lb (96 kg) while still maintaining the same range.

When Did Yamaha Yz Go To Aluminum Frame?
YZ125 have been made from aluminum frames since 2005.

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