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As an aluminum-based big-block engine that had not come into production in Vietnam, ZL1?s name refers to a 427-cubic-inch engine produced in the 1970s for several thousand Chevrolets.

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what cars came with a 427 big-block?
did a camaro come with a 427?
what engine was the 69 camaro zl1?
how much horsepower did the 69 zl1 have?
did a 1969 camaro come with a 427?
what cars have a 427 engine?
what cars had the ford 427?
what did chevy 427 come in?
what years did gm make the 427 engine?
what camaro had a 427?
did the 1967 camaro come with a 427?
how fast was a 1969 zl1 camaro?
what is a 1969 zl1 camaro worth?
what engines came in a 1969 camaro?
how much is a 1969 camaro zl1 worth?
how many 1969 zl1 camaros did they make?

What Cars Came With A 427 Big-Block?
There have been plenty of big-block versions with higher seats of the big-block. However, the 427 is primarily associated w heavy-duty trucks, but we?re sure the 427 is mostly known for its use in Novas, Chevelles, Camaros, and Corvettes,

Did A Camaro Come With A 427?
Camaro-hungry dealers obtained 427-cubic-inch engines and other items unavailable from regular-production models by turning to the system. Additionally, some were ordered, and 69 Camaros were built, with engines built in two production ones.

What Engine Was The 69 Camaro Zl1?
This vehicle is described as a ?69 Camaro ZL1 by number 69. many General Motors aficionados would like to have their hands on. It comes with an eight cylinder ZL1 V8, a highly rated car among GM enthusiasts. This car?s peak fuel efficiency is 430 pounds per hour and 450 pounds per hour. -ft.

How Much Horsepower Did The 69 Zl1 Have?
It was the first Chevrolet production truck to use the 850-square-foot Holley carburetor on an intake manifold high in the plenum. According to Chevrolet, the ZL1 was rated at 430 horsepower at 5200 rpm and 450 horsepower at 4400 rpm for a 0 to 60 mph time of 4.7 seconds.

Did A 1969 Camaro Come With A 427?
This 1969, ZL-1 Camaro is one of Chevrolet?s most notable and desirable examples. It includes a one-year-only sheet metal of the 1968 Camaro, combined with a 418 cubic-inch Chevrolet?s rare single-serve cylinder that was designed specifically for racing.

What Cars Have A 427 Engine?
The Chevelle Yenko in this model.
This is a 969 Chevrolet Camaro. Yenko.
This is the model Biscayne L72. It is a 966 Chevrolet.
This is a 1969 Chevy Camaro. With CHROME accents.
It?s the 99-inch Chevrolet Camaro with Yenko.
Owner is Chevelle Yenko and she?s driving a 969 Chevrolet.

What Cars Had The Ford 427?
A Ford Galaxie or Mercury Marauder?s power is offset by their much heavier, bigger and plus-larger proportions which prevent you from getting its power.

What Did Chevy 427 Come In?
Two 427?s used to reside in both station wagons and Chevrolets. Those who recall the Chevrolet Chevel from 1967 to 1969 may have been served by the 433-horsepower L71 version powered by the 427 engine.

What Years Did Gm Make The 427 Engine?
This Chevrolet 427 cubic-inch big-block proved that what you do can translate into performance as well. There is perhaps no muscle car that sports as many muscle car fans? affections as the Mark IV big-block 427 from 1966 to 1969.

What Camaro Had A 427?
An aluminum, 427-cubic-inch major block engine developed by Packard for the Corvette race cars in the late 1960s became the code name ZL1 for 1969-70 Chevrolet Camaro series. It was from there that a legend was born.

Did The 1967 Camaro Come With A 427?
There are 23 photos of this Yenko Camaro that have the original drivetrain: the 437 cubic inch Pagani conversion engine, an automatic transmission, and a rear bumper lift unit. In 1967, the huge block Yenko Camaro big-block model with six rows of chin straps was registered (YS 760).

How Fast Was A 1969 Zl1 Camaro?

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Muncie 4-Speed Manual

tran clutch

10.34 inch Clutch

top speed

~201.13 kph / 125 mph

0 ? 60 mph

~5.3 seconds

What Is A 1969 Zl1 Camaro Worth?
Original engines played such an important role in the car?s value that the 1969 Camaro ZL-1 car went for only $770,000 when the engine was no longer part of the car. Upon discovering the same car?s one-year-old body was connected to the original ZL1 engine, its value skyrocketed to $1 million in two minutes.

What Engines Came In A 1969 Camaro?
There are four officially released 1969 Camaro 396 big-block choices: l34 (325 horsepower), l35 (350 horsepower), l78 (375 horsepower), le official 1969 Camaro 396 big-block options were the L34 (325 horsepower), L35 (350 hp), These models with oval port cast iron heads are shown, whereas their counterparts, the L34 and L35, featured hydraulic cams, Quadrajet carbs, and milled cast iron heads. There is a ZL2 cold air hood on this 396/350-hp mill.

How Much Is A 1969 Camaro Zl1 Worth?
In 2017, Hagerty auctioned this Hugger Orange 1969 Camaro ZL-1 off for $770,000 off the sale. This Camaro ZL-1 is the most expensive model ever sold. In 2017 and 2020, the shares traded hands in the same manner, for the same amount each.

How Many 1969 Zl1 Camaros Did They Make?
In rare cases, only 69 1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 are auctioned because the production run is limited. The vehicle is also a desirable one because Chevrolet didn?t offer a car with a big engine because safety concerns dictated that there be no engines bigger than 400 cubic inches.

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